Blue Water Ranch

Bluewater Ranch and Casting Artists, Inc. is an independently owned and operated boutique production and casting company dedicated to the production of the highest quality entertainment. The company is developing a book division called Bluewater Ranch Books which will seek out and publish artisanal literary projects and commercially viable 'books with a hook.'

Tel: 310.395.1882

Picture of Mindy and Kismet

Mindy and Kismet, her beloved Jack
Russell, who is no longer with us

About Mindy Marin

Mindy founded Bluewater Ranch and Casting Artists, Inc. in 1991. She makes her home in both Santa Monica, California and at Bluewater Ranch North in Marin County, California.

About Kara Lipson

Kara Lipson joined Bluewater Ranch and Casting Artists, Inc. as a casting associate in early 2005. Since that time she has participated in the casting of over twenty feature films, including One Shot, Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and Juno. Prior to venturing into film, Kara worked for five years in television casting - credits include Ally McBeal, Malcolm in the Middle, and Two and a Half Men.


About Greta

Greta showed up at The Ranch one morning, many years ago and for almost one year, never let anyone near her. Though we tried, time and again, to coax her into letting us pick her up she would always flee. It was decided that a cat door should be installed so Greta would have the option to come in at her leisure and, sure enough, one day she did just that and has been our mascot ever since. Sometimes we call her 'The Casting Cat' as she glides over to greet people she likes. Fickle? Yes. Exceptional instincts? Absolutely.